Multi purpose high performance stage monitor

2-way coaxial / bass-reflex
2-way active / bi amp
1 x 15" Neodymium cone driver (3" voice coil)
1 x 1.4" Neodymium HF driver (3" voice coil)


The SMX15 is a versatile speaker combining high-level acoustic performance with sophisticated ergonomics. It is characterized by an accuracy that rivals the best studio monitors whilst generating sound pressure levels rarely seen in a speaker of this size, producing an extended bandwidth from very low up to very high frequencies.

It uses coaxial technology which offers a perfectly consistent sound field even in the near field: the frequency and phase responses are perfectly linear resulting in exceptional gain before feedback.
The unique ergonomics of the SMX15 have been optimized for use as a high performance stage monitor. APG’s unique ATSTM system enables the speaker to be tilted at five different angles (15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°). The SMX15 offers a different approach to stage monitoring thanks to its genuine compatibility with in-ear monitors, its exceptional acoustic performance, and in particular because of the extension it provides in the low end which considerably enhances the experience for the artist.

Used as medium throw FOH system, the SMX15 is perfect for all types of live entertainment or music playback. Combined with subs, it becomes a compact high power near-ield or mid-field FOH system, or a monitor system for side-fill or drum-fill. For low frequency reinforcement, the recommended subs are: TB118S, TB215S, TB218S or SB118.


• High SPL with minimal distortion
• Very wide bandwidth
• Acoustic transparency
• 5 angles in floor monitoring: 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°


• High quality stage monitoring
• High performance FOH
• Touring, rental, fixed installation

Technical characteristics

Acoustic way  / Mode
Transducer (Ø coil)

2 way / bi amp
1x15" (3") **
1 x HF 1,4" (3")

Bandwidth @ -3dB
Directivity @ -6dB

50Hz – 20kHz*
85° conical

Nominal Impedance
Power AES
Recommended amplification

8 Ohm
lo : 800W                  hi : 125W 
lo : 800 to 1600W      hi : 125 to 250W

Efficiency dB SPL @1W/1m
Continuous dB SPL level @1m
dB SPL peak level @1m****
dB SPL max level @1m***

lo : 100                     hi : 110

Dimensions (H, W, D)

460 x 730 x 367 mm
29 kg

 * full range mode with processor         ** ND = magnetic neodimuim compression driver   *** AES2 Norrm 1984   **** AES2 Norm 2012





Lyre bracket for SMX15 in fixed installation



Flight Case for 2 x SMX15



Custom colours and weatherproofing




Digital Processor, 2in/6out, first level control



Advanced Digital Management System Processor 4in/8out, full control



APG switch mode amplifier, 2 x 1950 W into 4 ohm



APG switch mode amplifier, 2 x 2600 W into 4 ohm


da50 amplificateur accessoire

APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 1500 W into 4 Ohm