The Brand

The Brand


At the beginning in 1978, APG was specialized in installation of complete turnkey projects. The performance requirements led to the design of a range of professional loudspeakers. The quality of these speakers spoke enough to establish the brand APG as one of the best. For a time APG was integrated as a division of the biggest independent European audio distribution company. In 2004, after a management buy-out, APG recovered its independent status and strategy.

In 2016, Active Audio acquired the majority stake of APG to extend its position in the market and its offering.

In 2020, Active Audio and APG established Arbane Groupe. With Active Audio and APG, the Arbane Groupe enjoys a unique position in the professional audio market; offering a range of solutions, from public address to professional loudspeakers for events and fixed installations, while providing its customers with the flexibility of a company on a human scale.


APG is continuing in its drive excellence and controlled growth, based on the development of a new line of innovative products, a global strategy and core values of ethic and respect for its customers, its suppliers and its environment.

More than 35 years have left their mark on APG's history with creation and achievement of acoustic and electronic innovations: Appolito's baffle (1982), coaxial loudspeakers (1991), ISOTOP™ driver, Bandpass and K-Horn loads, cone drivers' dynamic protection.

Nowadays the performance and versatility of APG systems have earned the recognition of the most demanding professionals the world over, from sound engineers and systems engineers to sound designers and even the artists themselves.



Our mission at APG is to contribute, through innovation, to the evolution of professional audio industry without losing sight of its artistic dimension.

APG’s aim is to provide high-performance products optimized to the highest degree in all areas: acoustics, reliability, ergonomics, modularity and versatility.

Constantly listening to our customers, APG seeks to provide reliable solutions and service to the issues faced by them on a daily basis, in order that they can provide exceptional sound reinforcement for their own clients.

Our aim is to develop sustainable and profitable relationships with the professional players in our market without losing sight of the human and artistic values that make our industry so unique…




With a history of over 35 years of passion, APG is continuing in its drive for excellence and controlled growth, based on the development of a new line of innovative products, a global strategy and core values of respect for its customers, its suppliers and its environment.

We have a highly competent team and a passion for music and audio fuelled by a fierce desire to realize high quality products. We distinguish ourselves by offering innovative and profitable solutions to the issues facing professionals in the performing arts and corporate events markets.

This real passion for sound combined with a strict scientific rigor, is the foundation for the achievement of a comprehensive range of products which has forged the reputation of the legendary "APG sound".

APG's R&D policy is based upon innovation and scientific rigour, which aims to assure the maximum accuracy of sonic reproduction and total reliability for each product. Achieving acoustical transparency, minimum distortion, cone driver protection and performance consistency, impose a no-compromise choice of components.

APG combines a high level of scientific expertise with a desire to listen and respect the needs of those who, every day, handle, install and operate our products. At each key stage of product development, APG consults with users and recognized experts in their fields for them to participate in the optimization and validation of performance criteria.