Whatever the intrinsic performances of a sound system, the quality of an installation depends on the choice speakers and the sound design as well as quality of the installation and the use by the operators.

The APG Application Engineers ensure an advanced support associated to the continuous operational information feedback and requirements given by operators’, to elaborate the most accurate technical solution according to the technical and economic criteria of a project.

Projects study

According to the scale of the project, of its complexity and requirements of the users, APG Application Engineers provide with 3 levels of expertise and technical support for studies and project engineering…

  • The Validation of Project - 1rst level:
    Based on your project form and your own study and acoustic simulation, APG Application Engineers return a technical validation including advice and optimization of the system configuration.
  • The Coverage Study - 2nd level:
    Based on a your collect of information on site and a technical brief about application, APG technical support team will conduct a study of acoustic coverage (direct SPL) providing a acoustic simulation and corresponding optimized system configuration: speaker sound design, amplfication and electronic control sysetm, accessories, etc.
  • The Complete Acoustic Study - 3rd level:
    Based on a description and an acoustic measurement of the site and a complete brief about application, this study is conducted by high level independent Electro-Acousticians in cooperation with APG Engineers. This results by a complete acoustic study including acoustic model of the site and the acoustic simulation of the sound system corresponding to the full requirements on both technical and artistic sides. When this includes assistance for the tuning of the installation on site, we engage on the result.

A technical communication tool !

The APG Project Information Form allows to collect the useful information concerning the technical specification of a sound project in rental or fixed installation application. Thus you can share it with the APG team to define the right solution.

Onsite commissioning

 In addition to technical advice and acoustic studies, APG Application Engineers can deliver complete support for onsite commissioning.

This support can include complete system check, calibration and tuning of all elements of the system regarding technical and artistic requirements.

In the same time APG can deliver product technical training to technicians in charge of use of the system.