Line array speaker

3 acoustic ways / bi-amp
2 x 10" Nd (3" voice coil)
1 x APG ISOTOP™ coaxial driver (10°V)
Constant directivity horn (85° H)

Isotop Appolito

The UL210 is the long throw element of the "Modular Line Array" UNILINE system, which also consists of the mid-throw UL210D speaker, the UL115B bass speaker and the UL118B infra-bass subwoofer. A very wide variety of UL210/UL210D/UL115B/UL118B configurations are possible thanks to the acoustical and mechanical modularity of the system which offers virtually, an unlimited number of combinations for optimal coverage of just about any site.

UNILINE can be used in 3 modes offering all kind of configuration for any line array applications. In "stand-alone" mode, UL210 and UL210D are ideal for medium power voice and music reproduction. In "extended" mode, UL210 / UL210D are combined with UL115B or UL118B for high level music applications. In "complete mode", all Uniline speakers (UL210, UL210D, UL115B and UL118B) are combined for high power, long throw and live music applications.
From an acoustic point of view, APG’s Isotop™ technology generates an increasing vertical directivity index sound field in the mid-high range from 450 Hz to 19 kHz.

This results in flawless line source coupling, which in turn makes UNILINE perfectly adapted to all applications from short to very long throw applications. UNILINE can be used from just 3 UL210 /D speakers for small venues. The rigging system is designed to fly up to 24 x UL210 speakers to cover (with high power) large venues or outdoor spaces.
Handling and transport features are designed to reduce significantly rigging time whilst providing maximum security.
The UNILINE system is entirely controlled by APG digital processors which for library of presets are provided.


• Exceptional power/size ratio
• Constant horizontal directivity 85°
• Intuitive integrated rigging system


• High power sound system
• Highly accurate sound reproduction
• Consistent acoustic coverage
• Medium to long throw
• Fixed or temporary installation, touring

Acoustic simulation

• Ease Focus
• Ease

Technical characteristics

Acoustic way  / Mode
Transducer (Ø coil)

3 way / bi amp
2x10"ND (3")**    
1xIsotop10TM ND

Bandwidth @ -3dB
Directivity @ -6dB

65Hz - 19kHz*
85°H x 10°V

Nominal Impedance
Power AES
Recommended amplification

lo : 16 Ohm             mid/hi : 16 Ohm
lo : 800W                 mid/hi : 300W 
lo : 500 to 1600W    mid/hi : 200 to 600W

Efficiency dB SPL @1W/1m
Continuous dB SPL level @1m
dB SPL peak level @1m***
dB SPL max level @1m****

lo : 101                    mid/hi : 108

Dimensions (H, W, D)

264 x 700 x 660 mm
38 kg

 * full range mode with processor         ** ND = magnetic neodimuim compression driver   *** AES2 Norrm 1984   ****AES2 Norm 2012






Dolly for UL210 (up to 6 speakers)



Truss for Uniline system (lifting and stacking)



4 feet for floor stacking with ULTRUSS



Flying sliding piece for ULTRUSS



Banana Shape Piece for stacked configuration



Light stacking piece for small small size system



Light lifting piece for small size cluster




Advanced Digital Management System Processor 4in/8out, full control



APG switch mode amplifier, 2 x 2600 W into 4 ohm


da50 amplificateur accessoire

APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 3000 W into 4 Ohm

QUATTROCANALI  Quattrocanali4804 Quattrocanali range