PA systems

APG has addressed the subject of FOH sound diffusion by identifying the characteristics of the different types of venue and types of applications.

  • The Uniline system is based on the Modular Line Array concept invented by APG. Matrix Array systems combine the line source principle with the matrix concept.
  • The Beam speakers take advantage of horns providing specific directivity control.
  • The Sector series combine the line source principle with the column speaker concept.
  • All APG FOH systems use a specific version of the APG IsotopTM technology.


The Uniline system is a "modular" line array based on a concept originally invented by APG. It offers maximum flexibility and scaleability from medium-scale to very high power configurations. This system can cover all line array applications from medium-throw to very long-throw coverage, inside or outside, for touring or permanent installation.

The system consists of four speakers: the UL210 main speaker, the UL210D “down-fill” speaker, the UL115B dedicated bass speaker and the UL118B topflight infra-bass sub-woofer.

The Uniline solution provides a full set of components to create audio systems for applications of any size. The four speaker models plus the associated electronics, rigging and transport accessories combine with free simulation tools to provide a complete integrated solution for audio companies.


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