APG presets available for ArmoníaPlus 2.6

  • Presets for the entire range of APG products
  • Presets system

WARNING: Be sure to read the user manual available in release 1.8.11 before performing an update.

APG updates its user preset banks in November 2023, which goes to version 1.8.11. This cross-platform update comes with a change in the way of working.

Powersoft®, with whom APG has been working closely for several years, has marketed amplifiers with integrated DSP dedicated to live with DA8 and DA12 amplifiers and fixed installation (Quattrocanali range) and ArmoníaPlus™ control software.




In addition, for these amplifiers, system presets allow you to have an automatic configuration of ArmoníaPlus™ and a suitable user interface. These presets are currently available for systems using Uniline Compact, iX, iS and SPOT2.6 loudspeakers.


In order to get started with Powersoft’s amplification solutions and ArmoniaPlus software, we advise you to follow the online tutorials provided for free by Powersoft: