Digital Loudspeaker & System Controller

4 inputs / 8 outputs (analog or AES3)
24 bit - 96 kHz A/D converters
Unique drive module concept
Full control and APG active speaker protections


The DMS48F provides 4 inputs and 8 outputs (configurable Dante (audio data). analog or digital) with superior processing capacity, dynamic protection functions (based on APG’s analog expertise) combined with extremely flexible mix/mastering possibilities.

In 2019, the DMS48 becomes the DMS48F. Click here for further information.

The DMS48F is a 4-in/8-out digital signal processor enabling all matrix and routing possibilities. The DMS48F is characterized by the quality of its design and its high specification I/O converters for an extraordinary level of performance. Its easy-to-access interface comprises three velocity sensitive rotary encoders which provide intuitive parameter control and configuration as if analogue filters had been applied.
The device includes all the necessary processing and filtering functions across 50 presets: Each input features: gain, high-pass filter, high and low shelving, 6-band parametric EQ, and delay. Each output features: gain, crossover, high and low shelving, 8-band parametric EQ, phase reverse, delay, and limiter functions. It also has dynamic, thermal and excursion protection. APG LIVE MANAGER software enables remote control of the device via Ethernet protocol. Standard or custom presets are provided for APG’s Micro Axial, Micro, and Dispersion Series loudspeakers, UNILINE system, MATRIX and SB and TB series. The APG DMS48F digital processor is primarily intended for the management and processing of large, complex systems, but also for loudspeaker processing in cases where systems are operated at their maximum power.

The large number of filtering, equalization and time alignment functions makes the product ideal for the configuration and processing of FOH systems.
The DMS48F increases system reliability by integrating complex and innovative dynamic protection systems that are adapted to each speaker. Excursion and temperature settings are digitally simulated and controlled, which enables the speakers to be used safely up to their maximum performance ratings. The DMS48F incorporates grouping features which enable system configuration from the presets of each speaker. Thanks to its flexible and modular system configuration, its high quality processing and its active loudspeaker protection, the DMS48F offers sophisticated, versatile and reliable system management, regardless of the APG system used. 


• High audio quality
• Dedicated APG Presets
• Control software
• User friendly
• Grouping functionality


• System management and signal processing for large, complex APG systems, with or without subs
• Digital delay
• Loudspeaker turning
• Signal routing and zoning



4 (Analog, AES3 and NetAudio*)


8 (Analog or AES3)

Maximum Input level

+20 dBu

Maximum Output Level

+18 dBu into a 600 Ω load

Sample Rate

96 kHz

Bit Depth

24 bits

Frequency Response

10 Hz à 40 kHz, +/-3 dB (disabled filters)
21 Hz à 20 kHz, +/-0,5 dB (disabled filters)


<0,008 %, (+10 dBu, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 30 kHz bandwidth)

Typical latency

(FIR off, analog in/analog out)

1,53 ms


Dante NetAudio card (2 ports Primary & Secundary)




+20 dB to -80 dB and mute, 0,2 dB steps

Filters type

Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz Riley, Hardman
Parametric IIR, All pass and linear phase FIR

Advanced driver excursion, thermal and peak power limiters

Each of the 4 DSP Modules includes max 12 overlays groups, 26 Low shelves, 13 Hi Shelves FIR, 78 full parametric


Input 1 s, output 1 s



Audio inputs

3 pin female XLR

Audio outputs

3 pin male XLR

Ethernet  port

Shielded RJ45



Dimensions (H, W, D)

1,7" x 19" x 10" (44 x 482 x 254 mm)


2,7 kg