Loudspeaker processing and amplifying has always been an important part of the APG concept: scientific research based on the mathematical analysis of all the operating parameters of transducers, enclosures and crossovers has provided guidance for the ideas and design of APG processors, starting with analogue electronic technologies through to the dedicated digital processors.



Quattrocanali range are a 4 channels class D power amplifier usuable with all APG speakers ranges depending on the desired application. The 4 channels can work with different loads above 2 Ohm or in 100V line. Mixed configuration can be made.

These amps incorporate POWERSOFT patented technology of switch mode power supply with power factor correction (PFC), providing true worldwide AC acceptance, excellent damping factor, high efficiency, very high dynamic range and exceptional sonic performance encompassing all frequencies. This is without limitation even in very low impedance use (2 Ohm).

The DA50:4 and DA15:4 amplifiers are 4-channel DSP amplifiers. The DA50:4 is designed for high-power applications whereas the DA15:4 targets installation, monitoring and small-scaled front-of-house systems.

Its processing is 100% compatible with DMS48 and allows a versatile and modular use, and is perfectly integrated with the APG range.


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