Uniline dedicated bass speaker

APG simple K-Horn acoustic load
1 x 15" Nd in forced ventilation (4" voice coil)


The UL115B is the dedicated bass element of the "Modular Line Array" UNILINE system, which also constists of the UL210 long throw speaker, the UL210D mid-throw speaker and the UL118B infra-bass subwoofer. A very wide variety of UL210/UL210D/UL115B/UL118B configurations are possible thanks to the acoustical and mechanical modularity of the system which offers virtually, an unlimited number of combinations for optimal coverage of just about any site.

The UL115B is fitted with a single high power 15" neodymium cone driver mounted in a double chamber band-pass speaker enclosure. The front chamber opens onto a K-Horn APG design. This complex acoustic load provides an optimal efficiency gain as well as excellent control over the diaphragm displacement. This combination results in a superior dynamic capacity and an SPL gain of over 6 dB compared to a traditional direct-radiating vented enclosure.
The UL115B bass speaker has been designed for low frequency reinforcement from 45 – 110 Hz. The frequency cross-over point with UL210/D can be set depending on configuration.

It is possible to extend LF still further by using the TB118S or TB218S subwoofers and UL118B infra bass sub-woofer. In applications where the bass speakers do not need to be flown, the UL115B can be replaced by APG TB115S or TB215S subwoofers. In venues or sites where speakers must be flown, it is possible to replace traditional subwoofers with UL115B bass speakers.
The ergonomic 4-point rigging system makes it easy to fly or ground-stack the UL115B. Cardioid configurations are also possible. The Uniline system is fully controlled by digital APG processing which for complete library of presets are provided.


• High efficiency and max SPL
• Integrated rigging system
• Multi-speaker dolly transportation
• Cardioid configuration possible


• UNILINE modular configurations
• Flown low frequency reproduction
• Cardioïd pattern control combination
• Touring & fixed installation

Acoustic simulation

• Uniline Aiming Tool
• Ease
• Ease Focus

Technical characteristics

Acoustic way  / Mode
Transducer (Ø coil)

1 way / mono amp
1x38cmND (4")**

Low frequency cut off 

@ -3dB  53Hz
@ -10dB 46Hz

Nominal Impedance
Power AES
Recommended amplification

8 Ohm
1150W to 2300W

Efficiency dB SPL @1W/1m
Continuous dB SPL level @1m
dB SPL peak level @1m***
dB SPL max level @1m****


Dimensions (H, W, D)

397 x 700 x 755 mm
45 kg

 * full range mode with processor         ** ND = magnetic neodimuim compression driver    *** AES2 Norrm 1984    ****AES2 Norm 2012




Dolly for UL115B (up to 4 speakers)



Truss for Uniline system (lifting and stacking)



4 feet for floor stacking with ULTRUSS



Flying sliding piece for ULTRUSS



Banana Shape Piece for stacked configuration



Light lifting piece for small size cluster




Advanced Digital Management System Processor 4in/8out, full control



APG switch mode amplifier, 2 x 2600 W into 4 ohm


da50 amplificateur accessoire

APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 3000 W into 4 Ohm

QUATTROCANALI  Quattrocanali4804 Quattrocanali range