Stage monitors

The Dispersion series consist of versatile speakers using coaxial technology and are designed for stage monitoring as well as near field FOH applications (<15meters).



The "DX" line is composed of multi-purpose speakers of several size and power range DX5 DX8, DX12, & DX15. They are characterised by their very complete ergonomics that make them very versatile and easy to use whatever the application: stage monitor, main FOH or distributed sound reinforcement, in rental, touring or fixed installations. From an acoustic point of view, APG has achieved a non-diffraction baffling that confers perfect linear acoustic field that reduce substantially feedback effect even without equalization.

The SMX15 is mainly designed for high performance stage monitoring applications as a floor monitor, side-fill or drum-fill… It offers a "studio monitoring" acoustic response, with exceptionally low distortion. It also has a mechanical system for angle adjustment ATSTM (Aiming Tuning System) – that allows five angles as opposed to the two conventional positions of 35° and 45°. The SMX15 additionally offers 15°, 60°, and 90° making it a world leader in ergonomics as well as performance.

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