Modular Line Array

Modular Line Array

The Uniline is a "modular" line array system based on the modularity concept invented by APG.
Compact and practical, Uniline provides all the necessary elements in order to configure systems for any application of any size: four loudspeaker models plus the associated electronics, simulation tools, rigging and transport accessories make for maximum versatility and scalability.

Therefore the Uniline will handle any line array application from small to large events in any sized venue, either for touring or fixed installations. It can be scaled from a 450 seat theatre to an open air festival for 10,000 people or even as a distributed system in a stadium for 100,000 people.



Uniline is sufficiently compact to be used as a high quality short throw system, either flown or groundstacked, for fixed installations, intimate concerts or corporate events.

Uniline is fully scalable and can be configured as a medium power/medium throw system for any mid-sized venue whatever its requirements.




Uniline delivers outstanding performance for high power, long throw applications. Big shows and events in any major venue are handled with ease, both indoors and outside.



Acoustic Modularity


In this mode, the system works in wide band (2-way) without bass speakers or infra bass subs.
The system is comprised of one or several clusters of UL210/ D only.


In the extended (3-way) mode, we have two possibilities:
- UL210/ D enclosures combined with UL115B
- UL210/ D with infra bass subs.


This is a 4-way mode that utilizes all enclosure types: UL210/ D, UL115B and infra bass subs. This mode offers the widest dynamic range right down to the infra bass frequency.



Mechanical Modularity

The UNILINE technology can be described as a big system that has been “devided in two”: one main UL210 medium/high speaker, one UL115B bass speaker and a short/medium throw UL210D for downfill use. These three speakers have been optimized for maximum modularity.



There are two options for ground-stacked configurations:
- The first option with subs utilizes an intermediar ULTRUSS which provides the fixing between the UL115B sub and the bumper, and then the UL210/ D are stacked on top.
- The second option without subs utilizes an ULTRUSS equipped with four feet (screwed into the bottom of the bumper), thus providing a stable platform for the UL210/ D. In ground-stacked mode, the maximum number of enclosures at the maximum angle is six UL210/ D.


    Mixed UL210/ D                    Simple UL210/ D
UL115B and ULTRUSS             and ULTRUSS




Using the ULTRUSS bumper systems may be flown from one or two motor points:
- Single speaker configurations: UL210/ D or UL115B
- Combined configurations of UL210/ D and UL115B. In this case a second intermediate ULTRUSS is necessary.





    Simple UL210/ D                      Mixed UL210/ D,                              Double column                    
      and ULTRUSS                 UL115B and ULTRUSS                   UL210/ D and UL115B



Mecanical accessories


ulrail ulstack

Lifting Truss for Uniline UL210, UL210D
and UL115B

Lifting Truss
for UL210/D speakers

Stacking accessorie
for UNILINE system


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