High performance indoor loudspeaker

Two way coaxial, bass reflex

1x12" ventilated cone driver

1,4" HF driver


The iX12 is a two way full range compact loudspeaker designed for fixed installation purpose. The lo/mid section comprises a 12" cone driver installed in bass reflex.

The mid/hi section comprises a 1" HF driver. The iX12 is equipped with a set of high coaxial speakers which confers a perfectly coherent sound field with a conical dispersion of 90°. The APG iX12 loudspeaker is characterized by anti-diffraction baffle which allows it to have a excellent linearity. This results is a constant directivity. The iX12 is characterized by - SPL level / size - important, particularly extented bass, which provides high precision sound reproduction quality both in voice and music applications. The iX12 has an impedance of 8 ohms. She can also be integrated into line-type systems 70/100V transformer or 200W (T100/T200 option). Ergonomic, the iX12 offers all the functions and options suitable for fixed indoor installation : aesthetic trapezoidal format, Speakon connectors, baseplate. Metal inserts M8 allows its fixing by means of different accessories allowing horizontal, vertical mounting or adjusting the tilt of the enclosure. The reference iX12W is the white version. The iX12 can also be customized in color -iX12COL.

This rail allows multitude positions of adjustment in the vertical angle. Dedicated processor DMS48F, make it possible to protect and optimize the operation of the iX12 in full range mode or combined with subwoofer.


  • Exceptional size/power ratio
  • Sound reproduction accuracy
  • High level of reliability
  • Studied ergonomics for fixed installation


  • F.O.H application
  • Fixed installation 
Technical features

Usable bandwidth

(± 10 dB)


SPL max @ 1m


Nominal directivity (H° x V°)


Nominal impedance

50 Hz - 20 kHz



134 dB SPL (1)


90° x 90° (2)


8 ohm



Type of load

Way and amplification section

1 x 12'' coaxial ventiled - 1 x 1,4'' HF ND driver

Coaxial - APG NDB Baffle

Bass Reflex

2 ways, mono amplified

AES power (W)

Maximum power handling (W)

450 W (3)

1800 W (4)

Dimensions H,W,D (mm)

Weight (kg)



15,7" x 23,5" x 13,4" (400 x 597 x 341 mm)

44 lb (20 kg)

2 x Speakon NL4MP


(1) Peak level @ 1m, 2πsr using 12dB crestfactor pink noise with APG preset (2) Nominal directivity @-6dB (3) Continuous power according to AES2-2012 in DCR (4) Peak power according to AES2-2012 in DCR

Accessories & Options  


ix12v etrier

Fixing bracket for iX12


ix12h etrier Fixing bracket for iX12
iX12BVAP   Wall angle piece for iX12


t100 Line transformer 70V/100V, 100W



Line transformer 70V/100V, 200W




 Digital processor, 4 inputs /8 outputs (DMS48F-D, DANTE version)



da50 amplificateur accessoire


APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 2000 W @4 Ohms



 da50 amplificateur accessoire


APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 3000 W @4 Ohms





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