Infra-bass speaker - Installation

Néodyme 1 x 18'' driver, 4'' ventilated voice coil

Complex band-pass load

The UC118i is a very low frequency subwoofer. It is fitted with one convection cooled Neodymium 18" transducer loaded by a double interactive chamber acoustic load.

This type of load results a 3 dB gain before feedback and reduced distortion thanks to excellent control over the diaphragm displacement. This, combined with the convection cooling technology used with the neodymium woofer, means that thermal compression is reduced by nearly 2 dB. All these optimizations lead to impressive dynamics and avery high maximum SPL.

The ergonomics of the UC118i are particularly well developed to enable easy mounting a maximum of 3 subwoofers. The enclosure features a fully integrated 2-point rigging system, recessed handles, two rear connectors and two front connectors dedicated to wiring of cardioid configurations. The subwoofers are attached to each other our ELK (Easy Link Kit) connection piece. The BUMPER allows the suspended use of all UC118i subwoofers (3 UC118i max). The use of APG digital processor is mandatory for UC118i.


• Very low frequency range
• High efficiency and high power handling
• Captive mechanical and rigging system


• Complex hanging and/or stacking bass system
• Very low frequency sound reinforcement
• Cardioid and/or sub arc directivity applications

Technical features

Usable bandwidth

(± 10 dB)


SPL max @ 1m


Nominal directivity (H° x V°)


Nominal impedance

25 Hz - 80 Hz



140 dB SPL (1)


Omnidirectionnal (2)


8 ohm



Type of load

Way and amplification section

1 x 18'' Neodyme


Bandpass dual chamber - Bass Reflex - Laminar

1 way, mono amplified

AES power (W)

Maximum power handling (W)

1100 W (3)

3600 W (4)

Dimensions H,W,D (mm)

Weight (kg)



20,8" x 27,5" x 29,7" (530 x 700 x 755 mm)

110,2 lb (50 kg)

4 x Speakon NL4MP


(1) Peak level @ 1m, 2πsr using 12dB crest factor pink noise with APG preset (2) Nominal directivity @-6dB (3) Continuous power according to AES2-2012 in DCR (4) Peak power according to AES2-2012 in DCR (5) SPEAKON connectors are wired hot pin 1+, cold pin1- (2+ and 2- are not connected)

Accessories & Options  
EBK    Rigging bumper for 3 x UC118i max
ELK    Coupling element



Transport tray for 2 x UC118i



Dust cover for 1 x UC118i

SCUC118iH2   Dust cover for 2 x UC118i



 Digital processor, 4 inputs /8 outputs (DMS48F-D, DANTE version)



da50 amplificateur accessoire


APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 2000 W @4 Ohms



 da50 amplificateur accessoire


APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 3000 W @4 Ohms





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