Compact line array speaker – Wide coverage

3 acoustic ways / bi-amp
2 x 6.5" Nd (1.5" voice coil) 
1xAPG ISOTOPTM device (15°V)

Isotop Appolito

The UC206W model is the medium/long throw speaker of the modular line array system UNILINE COMPACT that includes also the short/medium throw speaker UC206W and the dedicated bass speaker UC115B. The high level of scalability of the Uniline Compact allows all types of configurations (flowned or stacked) combining these three speakers. This results in a number of almost unlimited combinations to adapt precisely the system configuration to the need and installation constraints of all venues and shows.

The Uniline Compact operates on three acoustic modes: in the "stand-alone" mode, UC206N /W speaker systems are suitable for medium power voice and music reproduction. In "extended" mode, UC206N /W are combined with UL115B or APG subs for high precision music applications. In the "complete mode", all Uniline speakers (UC206N, UC206W, UL115B and APG subs) are combined for high power, long throw and live music applications.

The only difference between UC206N and UC206W is the design of the large frontal horn, which confers to the UC206W a constant horizontal aperture of 105°. Thus the UC206W is intended of the sound reinforcement in small/medium range or as a downfill of UC206N (bottom of UC206N clusters) or even as a frontfill and sidefill speakers of large scale systems like Uniline.

Thanks to its perfectly homogenous wide acoustic field, the UC206W is suitable for spatial and immersive sound system (i.e. WFS concept).

The Uniline Compact system is usable from 3 speakers of UC206N for small range applications. However the rigging accessory UCTRUSS authorize up to 20 speaker clusters of UC206N/W for high precision and long range coverage.

The “electronic” modularity is based on the APG digital processors for which control software, networking tools and full bank of presets are provided.


 Horizontal constant directivity of 105°
• Exceptional size / power ratio 
• Integrated and intuitive rigging system


• Small to medium range applications
• Fixed installation, Rental or Touring
 Downfill, Frontfill, Sidefill, delay
• 3D and spatial sound reinforcement (WFS)

Acoustic simulation

• Ease Focus
• Ease

Technical characteristics

Acoustic way  / Mode
Transducer (Ø coil)

3 way / bi amp
2x6,5"ND (1.5")**    
1xIsotop15TM ND

Bandwidth @-3dB
Directivity @ -6dB

65Hz - 19kHz*
105°H x 15°V

Nominal Impedance
AES Power
Recommended amplification

lo : 16 Ohm             mid/hi : 16 Ohm
lo : 300W                 mid/hi : 100W 
lo : 200 to 600W    mid/hi : 100 to 200W

Efficiency dB SPL @1W/1m
Continuous dB SPL level @1m
dB SPL peak level @1m***
dB SPL max level @1m****

lo : 99                    mid/hi : 100

Dimensions (H, W, D)

8.3" x 21.3" x 14.2" (210 x 540 x 360 mm)
36 lb (16,5 kg )

 * full range mode with processor         ** ND = magnetic neodimuim compression driver   *** AES2 Norrm 1984   ****AES2 Norm 2012






Versatile steel frame bumper for Uniline Compact rigging / stacking / transition



Light steel frame rigging bumper to hang until 8x UC206




Advanced Digital Management System Processor 4in/8out, full control



APG switch mode amplifier, 2 x 2600 W into 4 ohm


da50 amplificateur accessoire

APG DSP amplifier, 4 x 3000 W into 4 Ohm