Intuitively simple remote control & monitoring software

  • System control & monitoring
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Cross-plateforms software
  • Powerful feature:1 click grouping
  • Full system visualisation
  • Online or offline system creation
  • Easy loudspeakers presets loading
  • TCP-IP Ethernet protocol

APG Live Manager enables remote control of DMS48, DA50:4 and DA15:4 via a Windows (TM) computer or MacOS.

APG Live Manager allows the user to work offline in order to remotely prepare for any type of project.

The new APG Live Manager's features are divided into three main modes:

  • apg live manager macA set up mode for preparation and installation phase
    o Input / output type selections (analog, AES or DANTE®)
    o Rounting
    o Loudspeaker presets loading
    o Creation of groups and assignment
  • A tuning mode for configuration
    o Gains, delays, polarities and equalization setting
  • A monitoring mode that locks the application for live usage.

Minimum system requirements
32/64-bit Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X
>2GHz Processor with >4Gb RAM