Universal solution for amplification

DSP treatment
Large scale amp rack
Distributed sound reinforcement applications
Bi-amplified systems

In a modular 10U rack, it offers 4-in / 4 DSP modules / 8 powered outputs.

Composed of:

  • 1x TFC10U High quality modular 10U fly case, with sliding doors, mechanical connection system for joining several stacked racks.

  • 1x DMS48 digital processor 8 outputs 4 inputs

  • 4x SA30: 2 Power Amplifiers 1400 W / 8 ohm 2600 w / 4 ohms per channel

  • 1x CP1UMI plate 1U connection, including:
    4x analog and AES3 XLR F inputs,
    4x XLR M link out,
    2x RJ45 ports "NET AUDIO" for Dante network connectivity option
    1x port RJ45 "NET" for remote Ethernet 10 / 100M
    1x port RJ45 "AUX" not wired (for optional GPI, integrated switch, remote amplifiers etc.)
    1x CP1UMO14 plate 1U connection, including 4 amplified outputs 1-4 on Speakon NL4 and NL8
    1x CP1UMO58 plate 1U connection, including 4 amplified outputs 5-8 on Speakon NL4 and NL8
    1x TFCWB transport tray with a removable 100mm wheel

Two rack units (2U) are available on the front panel for electric distribution block and / or network, rack lighting. This allows for all connections and access from the front of the rack.

These racks are delivered assembled, wired and tested WITHOUT POWER SUPPLY BLOCK (provided with 5 PC 16A)

They are compatible in dimension and fastening with UNIRACK and TFCWB.