New Full Range of Subwoofers at Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt

New Full Range of Subwoofers at Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt


   APG Presented New Full Range of
Subwoofers at Prolight + Sound 2017 in Frankfurt

nouveaux sub apg 2017


Consisting in three models – SB112, SB118 and SB118 – the new SB range provides ultimate flexibility for both rental stagers and integrators. All subwoofers were engineered using the same acoustic load based on the variation of band pass design to maximize performance: 600W for the 12” SB112, 1000W for the 15” SB115 and 1400W for the 18” SB118.  


SB115 M2

Designed for low to very low frequency reinforcement of small to high power sound systems, the new SB range from APG stands out with its compactness and sonic performances in infra bass frequency range. All three models feature excellent accuracy in low frequency reproduction and impressive precision. The SB112 hosts a ventilated ferrite cone driver, while the SB115-M2 and SB118 feature a Neodymium driver.




Visitors also had the opportunity to see the successful Uniline Compact range, which was introduced to an international audience at Prolight + Sound 2016.

uniline compact grappe2 

The Uniline Compact has since then convinced all industry professionals who had the opportunity to hear the product in action: Dozens of service providers, integrators and end users from Europe and Asia have been praising the impressive performances of the new system, which packs incredible punch for its size, including in the lower ends.


APG's marketing & business development director Grégory Dapsanse, explains why the system is so successful with audio professionals:

"The Uniline Compact is the ideal range of speakers for people who are looking for ultimate flexibility in a compact box. This versatility quickly translates into profitability for rental companies and competitiveness for integrators.".

"When put to the test against other brands with similar speaker size, the UC range has won a number of comparative shootouts organised by brand agnostic professionals. Its superiority lies in its bi-amplified three acoustic ways in one hand, and the horns' constant directivity."


In France and Belgium only, APG's hisotrical market, 15 service providers acquired the Uniline Compact system while five venues have been fitted with it, with a similar success in Europe and Asia. The level of flexiblity of the UC system is such that it was suwwessfully deployed for an impressive range of projects,

including TV shows, concerts and festivals -from jazz to rock and from classical to world music- as well as corporate, sport and religious events, sound and light shows, theater venues, circuses and multipurpose halls.



In order to meet with the growing demand, APG also reinforced its workforce with three new hires within a year: one R&D engineer and two client support engineers.