Uniline for the massive 0760 Club in China

Uniline for the massive 0760 Club in China


One year only after starting its collaboration with APG, TR Audio reaches a new level on the club's market thanks to the latest installation in which TR Audio has commissioned Uniline system for the entire sound design of the impressive 0760 Plus club, welcoming 1,000 people every night. 



0760Club 2018 20 preview


Located in Zhongshan's shopping centre, the 0760 Plus club is set to become a legendary venue! Boasting 3,500sqm, this €6 million project now welcomes crowds of EDM fans. TR Audio selected the highest performers in the Uniline range and installed a mix of UL210, UL115B, DX15, TB218S and SB118.


0760Club 2018 18 preview



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