The Voice

The Voice

Jan 2014 | Paris, France

TV Show

Paris, France – The Voice is currently one of the world’s most successful reality TV shows. Launched in the Netherlands just three-and-a-half years ago, the reality singing competition has taken the world by storm and is currently aired in over 150 counties. The jewel in the crown for The Voice’s production company, Talpa, came last September when The Voice was presented with a prestigious Emmy award for Outstanding Reality TV at the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles.







The French version of the show, The Voice, la plus belle voix, is no exception to the rule. Aired on prime time Saturday night TV on TF1, The Voice is now well into its third season in France and enjoying record-breaking viewing figures. The first show recorded an audience of over 9.8 million, beating the scores for both season 1 and season 2, which were both record-breakers in themselves. This has since settled down to a very comfortable 8 million viewers, or 35.6% of the French TV viewing public which, once again, is even more than last year.

TF1 has also retained its winning format when it comes to audio production for The Voice. The contract was awarded to Paris-based audio suppliers and TV sound veterans, Silence! who are the recognized market leader in France for TV production work. Silence !, after studying the options available to them at the time, decided to invest in an APG Uniline system specifically for The Voice as it seemed to be the only system on the market that was sufficiently flexible, compact and yet powerful enough to meet their needs for this show.

Silence’s Gilles Hugo affirms that the show has been a resounding success from day one, and that both they and the production company are delighted with the results they have achieved with APG.

For Season 3, Silence ! have optimised the system still further with new racks which are now based on the new APG DMS48 processor and SA30:2 amplifiers. APG’s application support engineer, Mathieu Delquignies, explains: “The first phase (Blinds and Battles) which were recorded at the end of last year, enabled us to rubber-stamp the improved ergonomics thanks to the management of presets “a la carte”, and to set up the gigabit network infrastructure. The second phase, which is the Live Shows that will be aired in March, will use an infrastructure in which the audio signal will remain 100% digital from the stage racks all the way up to the APG amp racks via AES3. The Voice is a fantastic reference for APG and a testament to the quality of the products and the flexibility of the solutions that we can provide.”