MR18 Club

MR18 Club

Feb 2019 | Shantou, China

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The MR18 Club project was born from an old collaboration between the club's founder and Ben Huang TR Audio's owner, Guangzhou based integrator of many nightclubs in China. Back in 2010, the two had worked together for the Luocheng 88 club, so when the same investors planned to open a new club in Shantou, they wanted to renew the satisfaction they experienced with TR Audio in terms of workmanship and level of service.

Ben Huang understood the level of expectation from the investors: building the number one club in Shantou. To answer to this prestigious demand and meet all the requirements, TR Audio trusted APG, a French manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, and its Uniline system.

IMG 20190227 191857As a demonstration, Ben Huang brought the club's investors to the 0760 Plus nightclub in Zhongshan, equipped last year in APG Uniline. The clients were impressed by the constant SPL, showing zero distortion, and the deep and punchy bass. After having heard some other brands' presentations, they couldn't find the same performances they experienced listening to the Uniline. They consequently chose APG with no hesitation.

The APG Uniline system deployed in the MR18 club is composed of eight UL210, ten UL210D, dedicated "down-fill" speakers, and eight UL115B for bass reinforcement. The PA system is completed by four DX15 and two SMX15, both APG coaxial loudspeakers.
For the subwoofers, TR Audio team elected fourteen TB218S and four TB215S. However, placing them has been a significant challenge. In most of Chinese clubs, the disposition of the sound system's choice comes last in the whole installation process. Therefore, integrators have to sacrifice the best location of the subwoofers, already taken by tables, sofas, chairs...

A massive study has thus been established by APG France and TR Audio's teams, during the visit of the club from Gregory Dapsanse, Sales and Marketing Director in APG and Eric Grandmougin, Marketing and Technical Support Director in Active Audio, APG's sister company. Their aim was to find the location most adapted and to search through settings the best compromise. APG system's performances and the numerous settings possibilities offered by APG through remote electronic control allowed to obtain deep and powerful bass despite the restrictions.

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Responding to the very high level of SPL that the club required, the Uniline has succeed to deliver a pristine sound performance without any distortion, thanks to APG DMS48 digital processor and the remote-control software, APG Live Manager, developed by APG.

The owner of the club as well as the integrator are very satisfied with the quality of the sound and heard that some guests have said they will no longer go to other clubs!