Dec 2017 | , Belgium

Concerts and touring

Yes Event!,  APG's rental partner in Belgium, was in charge of the entire technical part of two tours: "Noël des Cathédrales 2017" ("Christmas Cathedrals" in English) » : Les Sonneurs de Noël on the first hand et Le Noël d’Anoki  on the other hand. 


Visual effects, choreographies and music performances were part of the shows that took place in Belgium's churches and cathedrals.  In total, 90 performances in 7 different cities were scheduled for this tour created by Luc Petit Création, which produced several shows rewarded in the USA, in France and in Russia. YES Event! selected the Uniline Compact for its modularity and flexibility in order to be able to adapt to the different venues and their acoustics obligations.

sonneurs de noel bastogne1bis