Les Nuits de Sologne

Les Nuits de Sologne

Sep 2018 | Nouan-le-Fuzelier, France

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"Les Nuits de Sologne" is the biggest pyrotechnic show in the Center-Val de Loire Region. With more than 6 tons of fireworks, it offers nearly two hours of varied fireworks mixing music, lighting and special effects.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the company Audiocentre has been providing sound reinforcement for this spectacular show and is continually renewing it by exploiting the different APG systems.

In 2018, Audiocentre covered an audience of 20,000 people and for this, the company has developed an XXL configuration with almost 150 APG speakers from Uniline, Uniline Compact, DX15 and subs TB218S.

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