Cinema-concert Jurassic Park - Grand REX

Cinema-concert Jurassic Park - Grand REX

Oct 2017 | Paris, France

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T-Rex from Jurassic Park at "Le Grand REX", the bigges cinema in Europe!

Jurassik GrandRex 7


"Le Grand REX", one of the most famous cinema and show venue in Paris, hosted a cinema-concert of Jurassic Park, the entire B.O of the movie being played by a 70-musician orchestra. 

For the 3,000 audience members, Studio Sextan, set up a high quality sound configuration, mixing performance and discretion thanks to the combination of the two APG modular line array systems: the Uniline and Uniline Compact.

The entire audience was perfectly covered by 4 Uniline UL210 speakers, paired up with subs UL118B, placed in each side of the stage, as well as 12 Uniline Compact UC206N and UC206W loudspeakers.

Nicolas Servant, system engineer from Sextan, in charge of the event, also deployed some MX1 for the front-fill: "Discreet et efficient, those coaxial speakers seduced us many times by the past and we love working with them, either in fixed installation or live event" says Nicolas.

This configuration was operated by our processors APG DMS48.



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