APG combines a high level of scientific expertise with a desire to listen and respect the needs of those who every day handle, install and operate our products.
At each key stage of product development APG consults with users and recognized experts in their fields for them to participate in the optimization and validation of performance criteria.
APG’s aim is to provide high-performance products optimized to the highest degree in all areas: acoustics, reliability, ergonomics, modularity and versatility.


Here at APG, we have drawn on our 40 years of experience and our unique ability to listen to audio professionals in the entertainment industry to provide a complete range of loudspeakers and associated electronics that rank amongst the most innovative products on the market today.

The design of the APG products is the result of a scientific approach, associated to mathematical analysis of all the performance factors of a sound system in electroacoustic, electronic and mechanic. APG systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of audio professionals in the live events market.

Product design is conducted in cooperation with professional users involved at different stages of development and testing, which enables us to more closely meet the requirements of audio professionals. Final tuning and proofing of the system is conducted in real-world situation, by APG beta-testers.

The character of innovation that defines our products is the result of the marriage between the highest possible sonic performance coupled with matchless ergonomics and handling.

The range of APG products is a comprehensive set of loudspeakers, specific processing technology and power amplifiers destined to cover the whole range of requirement of professional sound.

Application Support Engineers being constantly in contact with professional users, they can study and give assistance for all kind of projects or production. A full set of tools and trainings are delivered in order to guaranty technical results of professional users.

Beyond the standard range, the engineering and design department allocates all its manufacturer’s know-how to study the adaptations of products making it possible to answer to the specific requirements and constraints of installation or integration. For example, according to specificities of the installations and constraints of exploitation, we study all needs for adaptations, options or characteristics to measure (completion, colour, attachment units etc…).


APG tailors its products, its approach and business model in accordance to the reality of the markets in each territory, always looking to the long-term, and always respecting the customer.
The APG audience includes rental companies supplying the live events and corporate markets, as well as A/V system integrators, consultants and sound designers putting together systems for public or private venues.
We ascribe to the principles of sustainable development in the broadest sense: not only from an ecological point of view by continually increasing the life cycle of our products but also in our decision to use local resources wherever possible: 80% of our suppliers are local, with just 20% based in other European countries.
Proximity, listening and ethic are the key words of our day to day approach…

Close to the installers

At the beginning, APG specialized in fixed installation of lighting and sound systems. Ever since, the hands-on knowledge of requirements and demands of integration have been an integral part of the development process of all APG products. In order to offer our installers the possibility to answer as close as possible the requirements of a particular application, the APG custom shop is dedicated to provide adaptations of the existing range and develop.

Close to the sound compagnies
All sound companies have a similar set of problems : their speaker systems are manipulated, transported and installed almost everyday in variable configurations. But they also differ in their working habits and logistic resources. How can we meet this challenge? »The equipment must be durable and robust in order to retain its electro-acoustic properties. That's why reliability is an integral parameter in the design of the APG systems. »In order to ensure the system's adequacy to a particular application, the speakers themselves must be ergonomically versatile, as well as acoustically compatible. It is the reason why we founded our reputation by making acoustic performance, based on clarity, precision and transparency, the prime development criteria.

Close to the Distributors

Selling high quality professional equipment involves several parameters, not restricted to the basic price positioning of the products. First of all, it is necessary to identify and define the real customer's needs in order to select the best fitting products, whilst putting technical performance in perspective with financial constraints. Where many manufacturers limit the number of their products for rationalization's sake, APG has chosen to offer a wide range of products based on different technologies, allowing the contractor to fulfill the requirements. Counsel and guidance from our technical support and manufacturing reactivity are two basics of our relationship with distributors.