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   PSN Europe Avril 2016


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La belle époque

Active Audio has just taken a majority shareholding in APG. Paddy Baker and Dave Robinson met the new management in Paris


APG Audio's Grégory Dapsanse admits that the French manufacturer's press conferences at trade expos – particularly Prolight + Sound – have always been
conducted with a little "theatre". Here's the new loudspeaker product, here's an enthusiastic user to say a few favourable words, and then – plop, glug-glug-glug, chink-chink – have a drop of zesty organic wine and a piece of exquisite soft cheese. Playing to the audience? Oui, monsieur!

But, in the last couple of years, the dramatics have had to stop. APG Audio had been losing its way and needed a new script. A fresh face to direct the action, if you will.
Welcome then, to the opening show of a whole new season. And the head of Active Audio, the steerable column loudspeakers and installation specialist, is in the director's chair.
Prolight + Sound will set the stage for what the companies are calling an "equity alliance": Nantesbased Active Audio has acquired 60% of APG's shares, and Régis Cazin,Active CEO, has joined APG in Paris as operational director. He explains: "I really wanted to keep the existing shareholders as shareholders because they are operational people, and I need them to develop APG and the company." These include Dapsanse (until recently executive VP for R&D, innovation and marketing at APG Audio, but becomes marketing and business
development director), while Philippe Frarier, the current CEO and one of the APG founders, will step down to make way for Cazin.