Whatever the intrinsic performances of a sound system, the quality of an installation depends on the choice acoustic sources and their implementation as well as quality of the set sup and the use by the operators.
The APG engineering team ensure an advanced support associated to the continuous operational information feedback given by operators’, to elaborate the most accurate technical solution according to the technical and economic criteria of a project.

Custom products

APG advises users on both standard catalogue solutions and customized solutions according to particular requirements. According to specificities of the installations and constraints of exploitation, the R&D engineers ensure the study of the specific adaptations (special finishes, specific color, rigging systems, etc…).

Thus; for most part of product in the standard range APG provides optional customization in terms of :

COLOR (Repeint option)

vignette couleursMost speakers are available in any colour for which there is a RAL or PANTONE reference. Options differ depending on the type and size of products to be repainted.

In addition to the special color options, APG is able to provide a custom finish based on a sample of the desired material (metal, fabric, wood, stone and natural materials).

mx0 couleur

WEATHER PROOFING TREATMENT (Inox or Tropic options) applied to the speakers destined for use in tropical and humid conditions.

vignette tropic1Two levels of "weatherproof treatment" can be applied to the speakers to provide protection and an increase in mechanical reliability after exposure to the elements : simple weatherproof treatment with the INOX option and full weatherproof treatment with the TROPIC option.
All speaker membranes in standard APG products have been treated with a weatherproof coating. For products not listed below, weatherproofing options can be carried out on request.

vignette tropic3

Simple weatherproof protection
Stainless steel (INOX) options include:
   - Weatherproofing of the back of the speaker membrane
   - Stainless steel hardware fittings

Full weatherproof protection
Full weatherproofing (TROPIC) options include:
   - Polyester- and fiberglass-coated cabinets
   - Sanded down and painted polyester coating
   - Weatherproofing of the back of the speaker membrane
   - Stainless steel hardware fittings



For those which wish to go further, the R & D of APG design and develop products dedicated to applicability or atypical environments of work. Indeed, since its origin, APG always preserved its capacity to develop custom-made products under the specifications given by users or installers. Thus APG standard range was regularly enriched by products known as “special”, starting from studies undertaken jointly with the professionals

Based on a comprehensive specification, APG develops fully customized products dedicated to particular applications. The research and development are conducted jointly between the customer and the R&D team.

mx4 filaire1