Compact low frequency speaker

1 x 18" Neodymium cone driver (4" voice coil)
Dual interactive chamber

The SB118 is designed for very low frequency reinforcement of medium and high power sound systems. It is characterized by its compactness and sonic performances in infra bass frequency range.

The dual interactive chamber confers a 3 dB gain of acoustic efficiency as well as an impressive sonic impact and precision. In fixed installations, SB118's reduced dimensions enable unobtrusive infra bass sound system configuration in restricted environments being used as a single sub. It can be also used in multiple sub systems as high power FOH sound systems.
The SB118 is ideal for theatre and concert venues as well as in live music clubs. It is adapted for reproduction of any music style jazz, rock, acoustic or electronic style... It is ideally designed for DX and Uniline Compact speaker sound systems.
Its compactness offers very discreet low frequency reinforcement solution for "drum fill" or "side fill" application on stage.

The SB118 is an infra bass subwoofer for either fixed installations or mobile applications. It is fitted with a single 18" Neodymium cone driver loaded in a dual interactive chamber.
This exclusive design significantly reduces the volume of the acoustic load in order to obtain the best size/low cutoff frequency ratio as well as a significant efficiency gain in terms of useable bandwidth and perfect membrane movement control. This driver
takes advantage of a forced thermal cooling, which drastically reduces thermal compression, resulting in high sound pressure capacity. By consequence, the bandwidth efficiency gain compared to a traditional bass-reflex loaded cabinet is 3dB.
In terms of ergonomics, the SB118 features four integrated handles, eight fly/fixing points for ceiling mount purposes, recessed input connectors, a pole-mount point and protective skids.
The SB118 should be exclusively used with APG processors and amplifiers for which they are recommended.


• Compactness
• Very low frequency reproduction
• Sonic impact and precision


• Infra bass extension for DX and Uniline systems
• Rental and Installation
• Cardioid and/or sub arc directivity arrangement

Technical characteristics

Acoustic way  / Mode
Transducer (Ø coil)

1 way / mono amp
1x18" (4")

Low frequency cut off 

@ -3dB   35Hz
@ -10dB 30Hz

Nominal Impedance
Power AES
Recommended amplification

8 Ohm
 1200 to 2300W

Efficiency dB SPL @1W/1m
Continuous dB SPL level @1m
dB SPL max level @1m**
dB SPL peak level @1m***


Dimensions (H, W, D)

 19.92" x 29.92" x 29.13"

* without processor   ** AES2 Norrm 1984   ***AES2 Norm 2012