PA systems

APG has addressed the subject of FOH sound diffusion by identifying the characteristics of the different types of venue and types of applications.

  • The Uniline system is based on the Modular Line Array concept invented by APG. Matrix Array systems combine the line source principle with the matrix concept.
  • The Beam speakers take advantage of horns providing specific directivity control.
  • The Sector series combine the line source principle with the column speaker concept.
  • All APG FOH systems use a specific version of the APG IsotopTM technology.
Beam / Sector

Beam / Sector

The BEAM series consists of speakers designed with precise horn and acoustic loads. These have exceptionally high degrees of directivity control, specifically designed for high precision coverage and for challenging reverberant acoustic environments.

The SECTOR series column speakers are intended for high-precision long throw mid/high frequency reproduction. They can additionally be used in challenging reverberant acoustic environments.

The BEAM3000C is a variation of the APG4000 in a mono amplification version. It is characterized by a mid/high "beam" with asymmetrical dispersion (+5°, -25°) in vertical coverage and a constant 60° horizontal dispersion. This makes it uniquely well suited to medium sized venues allowing sound reproduction up to 25 meters without using delay lines.

The SC25 model is equipped with a vertical array of six Isotop7™ drivers (7° V) resulting in a vertical coverage of 25°. The SC25 can compete with compact line array solutions and is capable of in excess of 100 meter throw in open-air.

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