APG Live Manager's new update

APG Live Manager's new update


APG Live Manager's new update

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The remote control software entirely conceived by APG is constantly been developed! The new version, v1.7.3 is now available for download in APG's website here.


All the documentation regarding APG Live Manager, including the user manual and the release notes, is also available on the website.

In addition to the ergonomics and stability improvements on the software, APG Live Manager has new features to offer:

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• A 'Sleep all / Wake all' feature to remotely activate and deactivate the Deep Power Save Mode on DA series.
• A 'Fallover' feature allowing input type priority selection for DA series.
• A 'Bridge' mode for DA series.
• A 'Global bypass' and a 'reset' feature on EQ.
• Save and Load of individual machine configurations with *.almmc files.
• A group EQ summation curve displayed on each module EQ.
• New SB series presets.


Please note that the bug regarding the 'Delete Group feature' is now resolved.

logo apg live managerUseful links : 

User Manual
Release Notes v.1.7.3