APG new products iS range

APG new products iS range


APG new products iS range


iS Series is a range made up of 3 high-quality bass speakers dedicated to professional installations. Aesthetic and compact, they deliver a high sound level while offering a high quality of sound reproduction. Designed for fixed installation, the iS Series speakers feature ergonomic options for quick and easy integration.

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The iS range is made up of 3 models: iS110, iS112 and iS115; all integrate a loudspeaker loaded with bass-reflex to obtain an optimal {size / low cutoff frequency} ratio while gaining in acoustic efficiency.


IX6 Dispersion

In fixed installation, the compact dimensions of these subwoofers allow a non-obstructive arrangement of restricted environments and can be perfectly integrated under small stages or podiums or even under seats or benches. They are perfect for places such as theaters, concert halls, clubs, bars, restaurants, conference rooms…).


  The iS range


The iS110 is equipped with a 10 '' loudspeaker loaded with bass reflex. This exclusive acoustic design has the effect of greatly reducing the load volumes in order to achieve an optimal {size / low cutoff frequency} ratio while gaining in acoustic efficiency.

 Features : iX5

  • Compact size 
  • Discretion 
  • Horizontal or vertical position 

 Specifications : 

45 Hz - 150Hz @-10dB
500 W AES 
132 dB SPL max @ 1m
8 Ohms 



The iS112 is a compact 'subwoofer' dedicated to mobile applications and small-scale fixed installations. It is equipped with a 12 '' speaker.


Specifications : 

45Hz - 150Hz @-10dB
800 W AES 
137 dB SPL max @ 1 m 
8 Ohms



The iS115 is a compact size subwoofer suitable for both fixed installation and presentation. It is equipped with a 15 '' Neodymium speaker, the acoustic load being the bass reflex.

 iX5Specifications : 

42Hz - 120Hz @-10dB
900 W AES 
138 dB SPL max @ 1m 
8 Ohms