APG announces first Uniline Solution partner in China

APG announces first Uniline Solution partner in China


BVCAM, APG’s exclusive distributor in China has recently made its first Uniline rental sale in China. Shenzhen Shengshi Jiayi Culture Medi a Ltd owned by Mr Yan Wong is a major supplier to both the corporate and festival markets , catering mainly for large scale events, both indoors and outdoors. The company has invested in a very big Uniline configuration complete with subs, amplifiers and processing as well as a number of multipurpose DX15 monitor speakers for infills and monitoring.


According to BVCAM’s Danny Huen, the Shenzhen renta l specialists were attracted by the modularity of the Uniline system. “The demand here is mostly for big systems for large events, stadia and the like with audiences of 20,000 people and more,” explained Danny. “The modularity of Uniline offers a level of configuration flexibil ity that you just don’t get with traditional large format line array systems. The ability to mix and m atch the various Uniline elements in almost any combination results in sound designs that offer gre ater precision and more homogenous sound coverage for better overall sound quality. No other system is able to adapt so precisely to the specific requirements of any given venue or event. What’s more, on the occasions where it is required for smaller events, it’s very simple to ju st split the system into two or even three separate systems and you can cater for several events simult aneously.”



“BVCAM have b een working very hard in an effort to achieve maximum exposure for Uniline in front of the right people, and their efforts have paid off. We attended a recent demo organized by BVCAM with the full Uniline system at a local university’s football stadium. We received a number of rental co mpanies, a national orchestra who have already specified Uniline for their next big tour a nd some highly influential sound designers. Judging by their reactions, they were all extremely impressed by the performance of the system. We’re delighted to welcome the first member of the Uniline Solution network in China, and we have every reason to believe that the second member will be announced very soon!”

A number of big shows organized by major events com panies have already been specified with Uniline with the first events due to take place in the next few weeks.