Uniline for the massive 0760 Plus Club in China

Uniline for the massive 0760 Plus Club in China


One year only after starting its collaboration with APG, TR Audio reaches a new level on the club's market thanks to the installation of the 0760 Plus club, in which TR Audio has commissioned Uniline system.



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Located in Zhongshan, a cultural growing city, the 0760 Plus club is already a legendary venue! For this €6 million project and its 3,500sqm, TR Audio selected the highest performers in the Uniline range and installed a mix of ten UL210, four UL115B, twelve DX15, nine TB218S and ten SB118.

This complex sound design reflects the modern image of the club, with its architecture and stunning audio-visual equipments (videos, lights ...). Uniline reflects a brilliant sound performance in electronic music in order to satisfy the thousand fans filling the club every night!

  To learn more about this installation project, take a look at our case study here.

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