APG N. E. Asia

APG N. E. Asia

The APG's head office based in Hong Kong has been created and is managed by Raymond WONG.


The activity of APG N.E. Asia (APG North East Asia) includes the brand's distribution and representation in the countries located in the North East Asia area, in accordance with the same values of proximity, service and ethics which is characteristic of APG France's approach.

The team in place offers all the technical and commercial support for the APG's products: advices, training, sound study, on site comissionning, after-sales service, custom-made products, etc.

APG N.E. Asia is equipped with complete organization and infrastructure: offices, showroom, stock.

Territory covered by APG North East Asia activity:

  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • South Korea


Office Details

APG North East Asia
12/F., New Lee Wah Center
88 Tokwawan Road, Kowloon

Phone number +852 2264 1500
Fax +852 2264 1600



Raymond WONG
Managing Director
Phone: +852 2264 1500
Email: raymond.wongarobase 11mphkg.com.hk